Time Cards are a repetetive drawing project

A new card was completed each day from July 2016-July 2017. The generation of the cards followed ten rules.

Time Cards4.jpg
Time Cards.jpg


  1. Within each 24 hour cycle (local time) a ‘time card’ is drawn.

  2. The card is prepared (torn from a larger sheet of paper) on the day it will be drawn on, using the previous day’s card as a template for size.

  3. A drawing session proceeds without interruption.

  4. Lines are drawn on to the card from top to bottom (in landscape orientation).

  5. The card is filled with drawn lines from left to right.

  6. The exact length of the drawing session is recorded in minutes and seconds (MM:SS).

  7. The time of day (start time and end time) is recorded in local time (HH:MM-HH:MM).

  8. After the conclusion of the session, the exact number of lines is counted.

  9. The cards data (start time, stop time, length of session, number of lines, and date) is recorded (in this order) on the back of the card in the upper right hand corner

  10. At the end of one year the human engagements (Instagram likes) correlating to each card are collected.