I'm making progress with my senior project, TIME HOTEL. I've completed the 1st of 12 virtual installations. Each installation is dedicated to a different month and this one relates to July. Here's a glimpse.

Each object relates to one "Time Card" created in July, I'm sticking to objects that are familiar to me, objects that I interact with regularly. 

An aspect of virtual reality that I enjoy is that it's conversational. To see the work, a viewer needs to enter into the studio space and receive a short tutorial about how to use the controllers to move through space. This can also be a barrier if the person is having difficulty using the controllers, that's why I've been creating scenes where the VR controllers are optional. Someone can see the scene in a 360 view without the controllers, if they feel engaged with it they can then ask for the controllers and move wherever they like.

I'm interested in hearing more feedback about this. I'll include a link to the drawing if you're able to check it out on Tilt Brush (or in VR). 

I'm also including a process video (because who doesn't love a process video?). I'll be uploading a lot of these in the following weeks with some tools and tricks that I've stumbled upon. 

Time to go back to work, more updates to come!