08/28/17 Senior Studio + Sound


Today is my first official day as a senior in my BFA program at Lyme Academy and I have much to catch you up about. A lot has changed this year; I started working for the Post Office, released my first dance album, and got married! So let's briefly talk about what's new.


First off, here's what my virtual studio looks like as of yesterday. 


This year I've been working in a space that doesn't allow me to move much so now having my own studio with ample space is exciting.


My husband and I re-purposed two wire iron holders to hold the sensor. It's a cost effective solution. 


Here's another shot of the floor space, I highly recommend using anti-fatigue mats for extended VR use. 


I've learned a lot more about sound design and released my debut album, Hndrcksn, in July. Here's the full album (listen if you'd like). 

I'm happy with how these came out. During the Spring I limited my production time to 24 hours per sample so that I wouldn't get too obsessed with the results and would instead focus on experimenting and having fun. I think that was a smart introduction to music production. During the Summer the challenge was to learn how to take samples and make them into cohesive songs. My first album was beat mixed (the individual tracks formed a single mix). 

(credit: http://adugas.tumblr.com, 08/28/2017)

(credit: http://adugas.tumblr.com, 08/28/2017)

Throughout the album I included excerpts from Dionne Warwick's Psychic Friends Network. 

(credit: timecube.2enp.com. 08/28/2017)

(credit: timecube.2enp.com. 08/28/2017)

I also included an excerpt from 90's conspiracy theorist, Gene Ray. I'm currently I'm working on making a remix album for Hndrcksn and should have that published before the end of the year. 

That was a quick synopsis of my Summer. I'll blog more about the VR drawings and my time cards later. Thanks for listening,


My best,