05/29/17 Performance Art

I took a break from blogging this Spring but now I'm consolidating some of my ideas and looking to the future. I guess I should talk about performance art since it has been an integral part of my work as of late.  

This is my first video and it marks where I started to think about performance as a form of media rather than a way to create physical objects. I started looking at Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint series and it got me thinking about using gesture to talk about action painting.

A picture of Pollock because why not? I've been thinking about Abstract Expressionism as a declaration of ego and a glorification of a male dominated industry. I think there is a link between this and the tech industry.

I try not to overthink my studio setups by arranging things just a few minutes before shooting. It's been important to just produce work and not over think decisions so that I can start to develop by doing. All of my work has started to take on an immediacy, where things are edited and posted the day of. Social media has been a huge component to this and the work is best viewed through this lens.

The social media component to the work enhances the content, specifically the exploration of ego in relation to the artists space and the camera. Even the timecards, as I get closer to 365 days, have begun to feel like a ritual to gain likes (I'll blog about that later). 

Another important revelation has been to SIMPLIFY! When I started, the time of day, action completed, and heart rate were all a part of the title. As this work has developed I've been including only the data that is integral to understanding the video. 

For my final in my mold and cast making class, I casted VHS tapes, CDs, and floppy disks in plaster to smash during my performance. I hope people view these as humorous and maybe a little self deprecating. Showing the numbers as I sweep seems like the most eloquent way to show the data and I'll probably re-edit some of the first videos. I'm also thinking about creating a gallery in virtual reality where someone can walk through different rooms and can view the videos. I imagine theses spaces as liminal and accessible everywhere so virtual reality could enhance that. Anyways, I hope you have a sense of what I'm grappling with.

Thanks for listening,