I've decided to create a blog. It's important that I start writing about my art. Doing this in a public way creates a transparency in my process and opens the dialogue beyond my daily sphere. I'm a junior at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Connecticut and this is the first semester where I have complete control over the direction in my work. I'll be updating this blog to talk about my successes, failures, and revelations during my creative process. Since the start of this Summer I've been creating process/ruled based art exploring the marking of time through line drawing. This past week I created a drawing on 6'x40" and 6'x6.5" pieces of sized paper. The rules are a follows:

  • Four drawing sessions (of left to right horizontal lines drawn in sequence) of 30 minutes, each in a different primary color (it's arguable that green is a primary color).  
  • Each session drawn at a different rate
  • A line for each minute in its corresponding color drawn on the 6'x6.5" strip 

Here is a video of the process (the camera died before the end of the last session)


I used distemper paint, which is rabbit skin glue mixed with pigment, to draw the lines. I wasn't able to get a full line across the page so I kept adding new lines on top of the old ones. The vertical strips of tape seen in the video were used as a visual guide to realign the lines horizontally. Here is an image of the finished piece. 



The use of color in representing each session is interesting to me and I'd like to continue to explore this.