Break Free, Then Break Free Again

Sometimes like I’m working myself into a corner; defining exactly what I want my work to do or finding myself lost in a particular medium. The past week or so I’ve been working to examine some of my baggage.

Yesterday I taped a square in the center of my studio as a way to give myself permission. I set up a camera and entered the space, first shedding my backpack, then my laptop, and so on until I was undressed. I folded my belongings and arranged the objects into individual units. I sat with the baggage for a length of time until I was ready to clothe myself and leave the space.

In a way, that gesture is what I’ve been trying to accomplish with most of my work; to consider myself in the context of the people and the things around me. There’s a lot more to unpack with this. I subsequently turned screen shots of the video into screen prints, I’ll attach a few of them below.