I've been making some breakthroughs with my prints. Recording the exact time that a print is printed has been a great way to create multiples while still maintaining an element of authenticity to the time based ideas I've been trying to incorporate. The image here is my first monotype.

I took the consonants from the words "time hotel" (something I'd like to talk about at a later time) and painted them on durlar (it's a three plate monotype, two of them are yellow). I drew the lines of the text in one session and wrote the exact time, 3 hours 18 minutes, 33 seconds. Theres a declarative aspect of monotypes that resonates with me.

I also made a pronto plate (which is a similar process to litho's but with a thin sheet instead). One applies a ball point pen to the surface of the page, the page is dampened and inked up before printing. The ink only sticks to the ballpoint and the print is made. After the first session of lines it became apparent that I had drawn them too lightly, so I took two more sessions to redraw the lines, an arduous process. Here is a photo of the redrawing process. 

After the lines were up to par my classmate and I started printing, but as I was wiping down the surface of the plate I grabbed a bottle of the wrong solvent and accidentally wiped away a large portion of the lines. Rather than drawing them in again in another session I decided to print. Here is the image.


There is something compelling about using specificity and rules to build up a surface and then wiping it away in a decisive moment. Since this was an accident, a part of the process, I get excited by this print. I'm not sure if I would purposely wipe away my surfaces but I think this accident has allowed for a conversation in destruction.