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Artist Statement

I think of my practice as a negotiation; a way to understand myself in relation to the people and things around me. My subject matter includes the people, actions, and objects of my daily routine. Playing with ideas of immediacy and delay, the screen and the hand, I create augmentations of myself.

There’s an implied truth in printed words and images; by taking spam (digital text) that I have personally received and printing it I try to create something that could be read as truth. I’m drawn to repetitive processes that have the potential to distort over time, where the medium can shift and alter (or at least reference that it could alter) the authenticity of a message. At least, that is my approach towards communication that I believe to be inauthentic.

My recent explorations have focused on the moments of connection with others. I recently collaborated with my brother (who is a tattoo artist). He sends me photos of each tattoo he creates, I then make screen prints of each photo. I’m interested in this process because it connects both of us. Our relationship as brothers (and also the relationship between a tattoo artist and a printmaker) is given attention in a daily practice. Ink on skin is converted to ink on paper.

Grids appear in my work as they organize without hierarchy and suggest that each image is somehow connected to the next. They also reference mediation, (digital) content delivery systems, and individual units that can add up to something larger (like pixels on a screen). I’m still questioning what my individual units will add up to.


Paul Michael is an emerging artist and producer living in Connecticut. Currently a graduate student at the University of Connecticut, Paul’s work focuses on printmaking. He also produces progressive and deep house music and grew up listening to a wide variety of artists from The Postal Service to Depeche Mode. His visual work has been exhibited in Texas, Michigan, and Connecticut. He received the Emerging Artist Award from Arts For Rural Texas; Best of Show in the Evolving Artist competition at the Ross Gallery in Fayetteville, Texas, and was a member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo annual art auction.