Artist Statement

I think of my practice as a negotiation; a way to understand my own connection to the people and things around me. Working in video-performance, printmaking, and drawing, I aim to manifest invisible systems that guide my interactions with other people and objects. My strategies often rely on repetitive processes, where labor is converted into material or where my own labor is connected to another person’s decisions. For example, I recently collaborated with my brother, a tattoo artist. For one week he would send me photos of his tattoos which I would then convert into screen prints. This process of tattooing an image on skin, converting to photo, and finally converting to ink on paper; binds my brother’s clients, himself, and me.

The accumulation of material from these conversions of labor are often arranged into grids, as they organize without hierarchy and suggest that each image is somehow connected to the next. They also reference digital content delivery systems or individual units that can add up to something larger.  


Paul Michael is an emerging artist and producer living in Connecticut. Currently a graduate student at the University of Connecticut, Paul’s work focuses on printmaking and performance. His work has been exhibited in Texas, Michigan, and Connecticut. Paul received the Emerging Artist Award from Arts For Rural Texas; Best of Show in the Evolving Artist competition at the Ross Gallery in Fayetteville, Texas, and was a member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo annual art auction.  He also produces progressive and deep house music; self-releasing tracks while also working with uSound Records and Future Plan Sounds.