Paul Michael is an emerging artist and producer living in Connecticut who creates progressive and deep house music. He grew up listening to a wide variety of artists from The Postal Service to Depeche Mode.  Currently a graduate student at the University of Connecticut, Paul also creates immersive art installations inside virtual reality. His work has been exhibited in Texas, Michigan, Connecticut, and is part of private collections both nationally and internationally. He received the Emerging Artist Award from Arts For Rural Texas; Best of Show in the Evolving Artist competition at the Ross Gallery in Fayetteville, Texas, and was a member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo annual art auction.

Artist Statement

I primarily make work in virtual reality (VR). My art is engaged in the relationship between labor and data in the digital realm. 

The VR installations are a continuation to my 'Time Card' project (more info on that in blog post 1/16/17). I am now incorporating this data into twelve VR sculpture spaces. The twelve spaces, called Time Hotel, contain everyday objects that I encounter placed into virtual landscapes. Banal objects like utensils, i-phone chargers, and bunches of broccoli are sculpted in VR and arranged within the hand drawn scenery. On the surface of each sculpted object the data from one corresponding Time Card is painted. Each Time Card is symbolized by one object and each installation relates to one month of the specific year.

These virtual installations are a kind of self portrait based on my own consumption and production of time and material. The floating and often large-scale objects reference the things that are touched, seen, smelled, tasted, and interacted with repeatedly.